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Dan McNeill, PhD

Licensed Psychologist


609 -771 -3790


Text Box: Individual psychotherapy sessions to improve your emotional state of mind and help for a variety of difficulties and problems.

Individual Psychotherapy

Text Box: How does your mind work?  Intensive study of your brain and behavior through the administration of standardized tests to study cognitive functioning, strengths, and weaknesses.  This evaluation is particularly useful for suspected brain injury or learning impairment.

Neuropsychological & Educational/Learning Evaluation

Education and concussion management for athletes participating in contact sports and activities.† Make the best decision for knowing when to return to play is most safe

Concussion Baseline Assessment & Management

Text Box: Supportive therapeutic group where you know you are not alone with the common symptoms and problems associated with cognitive changes

Group Psychotherapy (Awareness Training Group for survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI)

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