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Group Psychotherapy (Awareness Training Group for survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI)

A disabling difficulty for many survivors of traumatic brain injury is poor awareness of their cognitive, behavioral, and emotional changes.


The Awareness Training Group (ATG) helps survivors of TBI become more aware of their brain injury related problems and the impact these difficulties have upon their functioning at home, work, school, and relationships.


A neuropsychological understanding of impaired awareness serves as the foundation for the ATG coupled with intensive group psychotherapeutic techniques used to facilitate awareness and behavioral change, including:


 Individual evaluation sessions with survivors and family members to determine pre-and post-injury strengths, current level of awareness, and problem areas to be addressed in the ATG.

 Experiential and intensive group psychotherapeutic techniques to help survivors confront their weaknesses in an emotionally supportive environment.

 Techniques for learning to compensate for their weaknesses and have more success in their personal, social, and vocational lives.

 Opportunity for family members to actively participate in group sessions.

 Evening sessions.



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Minding your Mind, Body, & Spirit with Balance

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