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Additional Resources

Dr. McNeill often recommends the following resources and guides for many patients.

The Power of Now


By Eckhart Tolle.

A riveting lesson in how to be present and mindful in this moment.

Mindfulness Circle


The Mindfulness Circle , by† Terry Fralich, illustrates the process by which we strive to be present in this moment.† Because our minds are so active, our attention is constantly shifting from our current focus to mental and environmental distractions.† Awareness of being distracted in this way is the most important step from which we gently move our attention from what is distracting us, including negative thoughts and feelings, to our intended focus.†

Relaxation Revolution


By Herbert Benson is an excellent guide to Mind-Body Healing.

The Feeling Good Handbook


By David Burns, MD.†

This is a very useful self-help book that helps the reader to use cognitive-behavioral strategies for improving confidence and self-esteem and reducing depression and anxiety.